Wormwood: Crossroads: Episode 5 — A Sentimental Nature

Habit Forming Films proudly presents: Wormwood: Crossroads: Episode Five: A Sentimental Nature!

Wormwood: Crossroads: Episode Five – A Sentimental Nature
Written by Jeremy Rogers

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Chris Blaylock as Doctor Pete Meno
Cheyenne Bsaies as Lemora Haskell
Arthur Russell as Doctor Xander Crowe
Nicole Rayburn as Nurse Wendy
Sonia Perozzi as Mary
Rob Grindlinger as Daddy
Zachary Foulkes as The Narrator

Edited by Jeremy Rogers
Recorded and Produced by Habit Forming Films, LLC
Original Music Composed by Todd Hodges

Additional Music Tracks:
Tragic – Ruby Shuz
The Regulator – Skinny Bee
Provided by www.podsafeaudio.com

Staff Writers:
Jeremiah Allan, Rob Allspaw, Tiffiny Kaye Whitney and Rick Bata, Jr.

Executive Producers:
David Accampo and Jeremy Rogers

Copyright 2008 Habit Forming Films, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

About The Author

Wormwood: A Serialized Mystery is a full-cast audio mystery that brings the spirit of the radio drama into the 21st century world of podcasting, mp3 technology and RSS feeds. We tell stories to rival the best of television -- using only the theater of the mind.


10 Responses to “Wormwood: Crossroads: Episode 5 — A Sentimental Nature”

  1. David says:

    Not exactly sure what this has to do with the story ark. Is this meant to be a one shot to demonstrate that everyone who comes to wormwood has some dark secret driving them to the town?

    I am going to miss Lemora, she was an interesting character and I liked the idea of her and Crow living together.

  2. Jeremy Rogers says:

    David —

    Yes, this one’s kind of an experiment, really a hybrid of a lot things. One intent was to create a more singular episode to stand alongside the series plots. But more than anything, there were several threads created by Lemora’s presence in Season One that needed to be addressed (in one way or another, whether accurately or not) before the show moves on. And even still, there are elements that do reflect on the current direction of the season, so stay tuned. Nothing happens here without it causing ripples.

    On a different note: a cleaned up version of this episode has been uploaded.

    Thanks for your comments!

  3. Albert says:

    Looks like that’s it for Lemora. What a creepy episode! Dr Pete is a bad bad man…

  4. Shane Chrisman says:

    Maybe it’s my mood today, but this episode had two things that i really loved:

    The first was the sort of “stand-alone” feel it had, which was cool.

    The second is that it feels really clean and well put-together.

    You guys are doing a great job this season! Keep up the good work, i’m really excited for the rest of it!

  5. Lucy says:

    This season really is going GREAT so far! But I have two questions;

    1. Is that really it for Lemora forever? Because I really liked her character.

    2. Is there any possiblity that the original music tracks played throughout both series will be made available to download either from this site, Habit Forming Films’ site OR even from iTunes? I ask this question with *specific* reference to the track played in the background of this episode’s opening scene. I do believe that I am in love with it…

  6. Scott says:

    I hate to say this, but i didn’t even finish listening to this one. there was 5 minutes left and i just gave up. This was a really really bad episode. Just thought you guys should get back to basics and not try to be soooo cheesey like this episode.
    Sorry for the criticism, i really like all the other stuff

  7. Jeremy Rogers says:

    All of the comments for this episode and the new season are much appreciated. We’re trying some new things, so the feedback is great!

    Sadly, Lemora is indeed dead and gone. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s out of the picture forever. She died in water, so a few ripples might not be out of line…

    Regarding the music tracks, we’re currently talking about some options. Stay tuned!

  8. Hello there,

    First of all, good work, Wormwood is a great audio mystery project.

    Nice that our audio track “Horrorstyle” fits nicely in your audio mistery! We created it with a movie in mind, but this is also great.

    Keep on the good work,

    Greetings from Holland to all

    “The Regulator & Skinny Bee”

    PS. for Lucy, if you can’t wait regarding the music compilation, you can get the track at the internet archive, just google for:

    lost_album_2006 horrorstyle_vbr.mp3

  9. Linda says:

    I liked this episode, but I have to say it really tested my tolerance for BARFING. Ewwww.


  10. Jeremy Rogers says:

    Ah, good times with Norwegian water beasts! It was fun to write this sort of madness into an episode, but I agree… listening to it is somwhat ghastly 🙂

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