Sister George

Marianne George, that poor dear! She was the most devoted member of Father Callahan’s flock. She used to listen fervently to his every sermon, used to be the most active member in the church. There were a few whispers that the two were secret lovers, but we like to believe it was more of a mutual passion in faith. Until, of course, Father Callahan died…and such a strange position they found him in, too. We don’t like to talk about it much. They boarded up the church after that. But it was worst for poor Marianne. She had a bit of a breakdown, you see. Cut off all that gorgeous hair and began dressing in black leather. And then she disappeared.

And then one spring morning, Marianne re-appeared in town and re-opened the church. She wears father Callahan’s vestments now, with her own little flair, of course. But we don’t mind at all. In another town, what she’s doing might be considered sacrilegious. But not here, oh no. It’s funny, too, how much our Sister George sounds just like Father Callahan. Is that even the faint lilt of an Irish accent when she speaks about the lord?

 First Appearance: Episode Ten 

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