Rob Allspaw (Staff Writer)

Rob Allspaw lives in San Jose with his wife, two daughters and cat. He has a BA in Journalism from California State University Northridge where he was recognized as Best Lead Anchor for Valley View News. Rob likes to read Fantasy, Sci-fi, Mystery, and Crime novels. He is also an avid comic book collector. Wormwood marks his debut as a dramatic writer.

Real life Suicide Scott?
Was Rob Allspaw (seen here circa 1988) the real life Suicide Scott (The Secret Origin of Jimmy Details)? One never knows…

2 Responses to “Rob Allspaw (Staff Writer)”

  1. john allspaw says:

    Um, am I related to you ?

  2. scott says:

    he’s got to be an allspaw, that looks like a beer in his hand! hey rob, what is the name of your grandfather or great grandfather? any relatives from berne indiana?

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