When a strange vision of murder sends him to a small town to investigate, Dr. Xander Crowe discovers that Wormwood is far from ordinary.  Secrets lurk within every resident, from the innkeeper to the town librarian to the waitress at the diner. The seemingly idyllic surface of Wormwood hides a mystery unlike anything Crowe has ever experienced — he finds himself drawn into a web of dark conspiracy, strange romance, and arcane mysticism. As Crowe begins to unravel the mystery at the heart of Wormwood, he finds that his very presence there may not be a coincidence at all…

Peter DirksenAnna MaganiniJoe J. Thomas

Wormwood is a full-cast serialized mystery delivered as an MP3 podcast on our website and via the many podcatchers on the web, including iTunes. Wormwood offers a quirky ensemble drama with elements of supernatural horror and mystery. With its odd, small town setting and tragic lead character, Wormwood is designed to appeal to fans of True Blood, Twin Peaks, Supernatural, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as well as the works of writers like Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, and Edgar Allan Poe.

Wormwood is currently in its third and final season. All episodes are freely available in iTunes and on this site in the Episodes tab.

Wormwood is produced by Habit Forming Films, LLC, a dynamic film production company dedicated to producing uncompromising works of entertainment outside of the traditional Hollywood studio system. Habit Forming Films’ first film, Bad Habits, won a Remi Award in the original dramatic short film category at Worldfest Houston International Film Festival 2006. Bad Habits also screened at the 2007 Sacramento International Film Festival, where actor Jack Sway took home a Best Actor award. Habit Forming Films also produced The Long Road, a short film, recently won an award for Best Editing at the Hollywood FAIF Film Festival. Our third film, the black-and-white noir, The Hollywood Informant, was co-produced with Geeworld Studios and is currently available at geeworld.com.

22 Responses to “About”

  1. RJ says:

    I loved wormwoods season 1 and 2 and couldnt listen to the five fingers of glory tales. i tried, wasnt interesting enough. sorry.

    so far portraits isnt nearly as good as the first two seasons, a lot of characters i dont care about popping up more… hopefully the last four wont leave hanging.

  2. Wormwood says:

    No need to apologize, RJ. Five Fingers isn’t mandatory for the rest of the series, so it’s not a big deal if you didn’t like it. We just wanted to try something different.

    I suspect at least a few of the remaining Portraits will have characters you like.

    Our final 8 episodes, which form a mega-arc called “Revelation” will be much more in line with Seasons 1 & 2.

  3. Mutant says:

    Just FYI – Episodes 10, 11, and 12 in your itunes podcast have broken links. I recently found this show via a friend, and was catching up. I downloaded them fine from the website. Might want to fix it for other newcomers though.

  4. Wormwood says:

    Thanks, Mutant! We’re aware of the problem, and we’ve tried to address it on this site and in certain podcasts along the way. We can seem to get Apple to fix the feed in iTunes, but we DID re-post the episodes. They ARE in the iTunes feed, but they’re labeled as “re-posts,” and they’re in between episodes 19 and 20 in the feed.

  5. Q says:

    I just recently discovered your podcast when I searched Supernatural in the podcast section on my i-pod. “Wormwood,” by far, is the most incredible thing I have every heard in the soap opera radio format. So vivid and amazing are the voices and detailed sound effects, it reminds me of the annual “War of the Worlds” broadcast radio stations do. Thrilling, compelling, and needless to say entertaining. Just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for a quality source of profound story telling.

  6. Karen says:

    Just discovered your site today, and am on the 4th episode while I do housework and gardening.

    Wormwood is enormous fun. It combines aspects of many of the things I love best: vintage supernatural thrillers, gothic horror (southern and otherwise), black comedy, and both vintage and modern radio drama. I’m having an excellent time with it.

    And the bloke who plays Crowe deserves a big slap on the back for his English accent – there aren’t many British or American actors who can make it sound like they actually came from the other side of The Pond.

    I’m looking forward to ploughing through the episodes as I garden (current unusually warm northern English summer weather permitting).

  7. Floyd says:

    Hi – I’m a huge fan of Wormwood. I’m writing a short review of the show that will appear on furiousfanboys.com and would like permission to post your web address and maybe some art in the review.
    Thanks for your time. Looking forward to Revelations!


  8. Wormwood says:

    Floyd, thanks for listening! You can absolutely use our URL and promo art for review and promotional purposes! Thanks for checking in!

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  10. christy says:

    is wormwood no longer avail on Zune??

  11. Wormwood says:

    Hi Christy – we haven’t done anything to remove it. We’ll have to take a look and see. Thanks for letting us know!

  12. Wormwood says:

    Hi David — Sorry, we kept forgetting to reply to this comment! I think we’d be interested in sharing Wormwood. Feel free to email us directly at wormwood(at)habitformingfilms.com.

  13. Charles says:

    speechless!!! Love the podcast big time!!!!!:)

  14. RJ says:

    Fun fact, Nicole Rayburn, who played Harmony, was casted by a friend of mine in a short film I made in 2012. Did not even realize she was in wormwood until I listened to your series again tonight.

  15. Steph says:

    I just found your podcast and now I’m hook. Love the mystery n twisted tail… Still in season one but looking forward to other two season. Your a talent bunch thanks!

  16. Dom says:

    I love Wormwood!

  17. Zee says:

    This has been a wonderful podcast to listen to while I’m at work and at home.. It’s thoroughly enjoyable. I wish there were more like this out there. It has everything and I love that. Thank you for this wonderful story.

  18. Wormwood says:

    And Wormwood loves YOU!

  19. GK says:

    This podcast is phenomenal, I love it. Only 1 season in so far. Have you guys done anything recently podcast wise after Wormwood?


  20. Lisa Marie DLG says:

    Hi! I absolutely happy I stumbled upon this podcast and I absolutely love it. Im sad that theres no more. I hope there will be new stories, not necessarily the same characters but in the same world. 🙂 that would be awesome!

  21. jacaroe says:

    I realize mine is only one opinion, but I was hoping that my feedback could be helpful. So no offense, but here goes:

    This series was recommended to me when I finished the We’re Alive Zombie Drama series. The premise of Wormwood is awesome, and I am really trying hard to like it. I find a lot of issues with inconsistent audio, and it makes it almost impossible to listen to with headphones on. Most of Xander’s lines sound like he’s in a bathroom stall, even when speaking to other people in the room who sound perfectly normal. The voice levels are horribly uneven and it lends to a lot of surprise ear pain when someone yells or even when Xander simply speaks (he’s REALLY loud). I keep hoping this will straighten out a bit in future releases and I keep trying, as well as using different players with different equalizers.

    Otherwise, it’s a great show that I really want to try to complete.

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