Cheyenne Bsaies (Lemora Haskell, Katrina Edison)

The daughter of a Tunisian-born foreign service officer, Cheyenne Bsaies spent most of her childhood living and traveling overseas. She attended schools in both hemispheres, 4 countries, and 3 US states. At the age of 25, she has moved 26 times. Between all of the moving, she managed to pursue several careers. First as a professional social miscreant, then as a student of film and digital post production, later as an English teacher to students ranging from kindergarteners to college freshmen. She ambled through a literature degree and its subsequent thesis, but is as yet unemployed as a poet. She’d like to eventually “pay the bills” as a bookbinder. As a new denizen of Southern California, she sought out a new creative outlet and was fortunate enough to happen upon a casting call for voice talent. The call was answered. She is very excited about her first chance to act since high school, where she was tormented by a sorry man who headed the theater department. Take that Mr. Cottom!

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