Doctor Xander Crowe

Once a prominent psychologist, Crowe made his living keenly dissecting the human psyche. Until he met a girl so alien, so evil, that it completely stymied him. This led him down darker pathways, and he began to study the occult sciences.

He wears a black glove over one hand, and he doesn’t appear to use it much. However, if you stare at him while he’s pre-occupied, you might just notice the hand begin to twitch and crawl on its own.

What’s up with that?

In recent years, Crowe’s practice has been very select. He only sees patients whose condition is unexplainable. Most recently, he tried to help Don Marino, a mob boss whose daughter appeared to have been possessed by a demon. Crowe’s intervention led to Amanda Marino’s suicide, and now Marino wants Crowe dead.

So it’s a good thing for our doctor then, that last night he dreamt of a drowned woman in a little town called Wormwood.

Sounds like it’s time for a vacation.

 First Appearance: Episode One 

Dr. Xander Crowe

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  3. Taylor Lewis says:

    What’s the actual name of the person who played Dr. Xander Crowe.
    Many thanks!

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