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UPDATE: Folks, there wasn’t much forum activity anymore, and it was just too tough for us to keep up with the barrage of spam. So, we’ve decided to finally close the forums.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Is there any place I can get the snot bubble song? I WANT it! Woud be great if I could get it off itunes.

  2. dean says:

    can’t find episode 1, of season 1 on itunes

  3. Wormwood says:

    Very sorry, folks! We altered the feed and now Episode One is back in iTunes! Check it out!

  4. dean says:

    thank you

  5. Dale says:

    Great show when they decide to put the episodes out

  6. Wormwood says:

    Dale – It’s been a bit rough with the holidays, but we’re planning to release the final two episodes after the holidays (should be the first two weeks in January), then we’ll have another break and we’ll try not to bring out Revelation — our final volume of the series — until we’ve got a few episodes in the can. The truth is the episodes are very intensive edits, and this is a “second job.” It’s one we love, but… we do seem to struggle to maintain our planned schedule, and for that we do apologize.

  7. Stephany says:

    Love the show, always engrossing and disturbing and funny. Is there any chance of this going to a different medium? I know half the fun is doing this in a old timey kind of way, but I would love to see this on the small or large screen.
    Anyway thanks a lot and keep the episodes coming!

  8. Wormwood says:

    Hi Stephany — There is ALWAYS the chance of Wormwood moving to another medium. 😉 It’s something we’ve talked a lot about, but that’s all we can say for now…

  9. Gys says:

    I am struggling to download Season 1, episodes 10-12 from iTunes.

  10. Wormwood says:

    @Gys —

    Episodes 10-12 are broken in the feed. You can get them on the site, but we can’t seem to get iTunes to refresh our entire feed.

    We *did* re-published those episodes between episodes 19-20 in the feed, so if you use iTunes, you can just look there and grab ’em!

  11. Heather says:

    I am so sad that this series is almost over (I’ve gotten to the portrait episodes). I really wish I could give you all salaries to continue this project! I am going to miss you so much! Is there any chance of a reunion later?

  12. Isaac says:

    I’ve gotten into listening to audio dramas a lot lately. I have to say though, Wormwood is altogether unique. I’ve gotten quite agitated over some episodes just because I was so attached to the characters. This show has been a thrilling joy, and I am sure season three will be a chilling wonder as well.

    I would like to see a reccomendations page if you have any other audio dramas to share.

  13. Wormwood says:

    Isaac, if you click on the link above, that says “click this link to enter: The Wormwood Forum,” you can go to the actual Forum, in which I believe there are a few threads about audio dramas or similar types of entertainment.

  14. christy says:

    is wormwood no longer avail on Zune??

  15. Patrick Greenlaw says:

    Just found your podcast about a week ago. I’m almost done with season three and I have to say: WELL DONE!
    I have made a point of advertising your podcast to all my friends and posting on several message boards & facebook pages….

  16. Wormwood says:

    That’s fantastic Patrick! Glad you’re enjoying the show! Hope you enjoy the finale, and fear not… we have some VERY big Wormwood related projects coming up soon — so stick around for announcements! 🙂

  17. Bailey says:

    I’ve been lucky enough to follow Wormwood from Episode 1, and I was so sorry to see it end! What is great about it is that I am listening to the whole set for the third time and STILL finding new things to love about it! One question-during one of the Postmortem: Portraits writers roundtable, the writers were mentioning NaNoWriMo projects they had been working on, and I was wondering if any one had a link or knew where to find them? (That is, if they are finished!) Love the show, cannot WAIT for new Wormwood projects to come out soon!

  18. Wormwood says:

    Hi Bailey!

    Thanks for your very kind comments! To answer your question — I (Dave Accampo) have a draft of his Xander Crowe prequel novel, “Red Right Hand,” which is about midway through a re-write. However, the more recent publication deal for the “Sparrow & Crowe” comic book miniseries has since taken precedent (since it’s also a prequel). That may revise things a bit more. We’re still working on various Wormwood related projects. Rob Allspaw is developing a spin-off series that is borne out of his NaNoWriMo novel attempt. We’ll fill you in more as we get a bit further. But for now, we can safely say that SPARROW & CROWE: THE DEMONIAC OF LOS ANGELES will be available in finer comic book stores in 2012.

  19. Rob Riggs says:

    My wife and I have just started listening to Season 1, we listen to loads of drama on the BBC and we both agree that this as good as much of their stuff and better than a lot of it.
    I have listened to over half of the first season here in Cornwall this week while turning a big sycamore into logs. Thanks.

  20. Hello!

    I am addicted to wormwood! It’s been a week and almost every spare moment I get to relax, I throw on Wormwood….an INCREDIBLE creation.

    I am SO sad there is no forum and that somehow, Wormwood has ended or that there wasn’t interest, or bad marketing, but THIS show is INCREDIBLE! I come from the world of philosophy and Tolkien studies and I must say, this is almost epic literature.

    Ending on a Trilogy (just got to Ch 3) is a good thing, but I see I’ve been too late! I could have shown you MY ideas in the forums! I would have loved it. This Dantean Trilogy is gonna be interesting but bittersweet. Unbelievable production. Even if I can’t resurrect Crowe, I can in my mind. I became a fan too late!!! Where can I buy Wormwood things? I’ll pay good money for scripts or memorabilia? That poster is pretty cool.

    In fact, I have an Episode already written about Sparrow and Crowe before they ever touched Wormwood, those intervening years of the healing of the girl, the Beauty of Crowe as “a prominent psychologist” much like, say, Rupert Sheldrake and Dr. Strange, I get it. But how the compassion of that man came to Nurse a young Crowe, teach her the Occult ways of Magic.

    The episode is about Sparrow and Crowe visiting “Tribal Oasis” a 13 acre “burning man” gypsy village with hounds WAYYYYYY up in Topanga on the side of a mountain, the epicenter of a Ancient Aztec. And that part’s TRUE! It’s a bit north of Malibu, in Topanga and, let’s just say dark magic and things happen there…I experienced it, but this time it would be Sparrow and Crowe going because of a more ancient reason related to not the sacrifice of virgins to the MOTHER Goddess, but rather, and Illuminatus Solar Cult, which does symbolic and literal acts of destroying the Goddess, which even relates to the Object. OB-JECT? ObJECT!

    Anyway, that is all gentlemen. You MUST resurrect CROWE GODDAM YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Faithfully Yours,
    Brandon Gamgee Young

  21. Scribbler's Emporium says:

    I recently discovered Wormwood and am downloading season 2 and 3 now. Can’t wait.
    Very well done, eveyone. A high quality old-style radio-like serial is a great find, and I’ve really enjoyed listening. I’ve been telling all my friends what a great show they’ve missed.


  22. Ethan says:

    Still listening in 2013! Just found this and currently listening trough it, at the end of season one, amazing so far.

  23. Rafa says:

    Hello! I want to know if there are scripts of each episode? Where can I find those?

  24. Wormwood says:

    So glad you’ve discovered the show, Ethan! Thanks so much for listening!

  25. Wormwood says:

    Hi Rafa — We’ve never really release the scripts for the episodes, but we may consider doing that if folks are interested. I know that we released ONE script of a Season Three episode… but don’t read that one until you’re past that episode, as there are major spoilers! 🙂 Here’s the link to the script for THE HERMIT’s TALE:

  26. Laurel says:

    I’m extremely late to the Wormwood party, but just wanted to comment to say that I’ve listened to the first two seasons and I’m halfway through the Portraits now. LOVE IT!! 🙂

  27. Wormwood says:

    Thank you so much, Laurel! We can’t tell you how much it pleases us that folks are still discovering our little show, years after the finale. So glad you’re enjoying the show! 🙂

  28. Jessica says:

    Hi there!
    So I am in love with wormwood! I have listened to season 1 and 2 and am almost done with 3 ( chapter 3 of revelations) I love love love you guys for making it! Thank you so much! Super awesome!

  29. Jacob says:

    I’m curious, I’m pretty sure Wormwood has taken influence from Twin Peaks, but were you guys also inspired by any other of David Lynch’s works cause it feels very much that way.

  30. Wormwood says:

    Hi Jacob — Yes, Twin Peaks was a huge influence for me (Dave), but it is worth noting that I was the only person on the writing staff to have been a fan of the show as we started up Wormwood. Jeremy liked a lot of Lynch’s film work, but I don’t think he had seen any of TV show at the time we developed the series. So, the small town feel was definitely a mix of my own upbringing in a small town combined with my love of Twin Peaks (and also Buffy the Vampire Slayer and HP Lovecraft), but the other writers definitely brought their own influences and tones to it.

    Thanks for commenting!
    Dave Accampo

  31. Danyael says:

    Just got done listening to the whole thing again for the..,I don’t know how many times, to many to remember. Wormwood is my goto piece of audio entertainment.

  32. Zolphio Trevathan says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing Wormwood to us. It is by far my favorite podcast/audio drama/town/EVERYTHING.
    Once I discovered it, it took me about three days to blow through the entire series and start over again (this time writing the name of every dead character on my window in dry-erase marker. Funny that Rachel is the first to die, yet one of the last to disappear).

    I sang along to the theme song every time it played; laughed hysterically at every Extremely British Xander remark; completely freaked out when Sparrow & Crowe died; cried along with Chip when . . . Dale . . . ugh, I don’t even want to talk about it; threw up my hands (not Hands of Glory, unfortunately) in admiration of every plot twist, particularly the Anna-is-Sparrow and Object-containment-field ones; and didn’t know whether to giggle or sob at the “Devil’s in the Details” line.
    Best three days of my life.

    This most likely will not be the last you hear from me, but for now I just have one question:
    We never find out much about Julian Calendar’s past, and Sparrow mentions that the name of the vampire who held her hostage was Julian. Is it possible that the characters were one and the same?

    Thank you for making this happen!!!

    By the way, I am fourteen years old, but I am an experienced (and well-instructed) actor. If you guys ever decide to create another podcast, I would love to audition for a role, if possible.

  33. Wormwood says:

    Thank YOU, Zolphio, for your wonderful comments!They mean a lot to us, and we’re SO glad you found our show and it meant so much to you.

    As for your question: the name Julian, alas, is a coincidence. Jeremy created Julian Calendar to fill a particular role, and the vampire Julian was something that had been part of a story idea that I had been toying with for years. True story: The Anna-Julian concept was a story that had originally come to me in a dream. So, I was just thrilled that I could finally use it in the context of our show.

    If we ever decide to do another podcast — and it may happen, as it’s something we consider from time to time — we’ll definitely let you know!

    Thanks again! It’s comments like these that make the whole endeavor so worthwhile for us!

    — Dave Accampo

  34. Amanda says:

    I am so glad I stumbled upon this show and decided to give it a chance! I’m very late in the game but I’m so glad the site and episodes are all still up and that the team (Dave?) still checks on here. I wanted to be sure I was able to tell someone how much I loved it!

    I wasn’t sure what to expect but I ended up falling in love with the whole thing hard and fast. I started Wormwood maybe three weeks ago and got through it in about a week and a half. This was just as I was beginning a new freelance job at home, and I might have slacked off a bit just from being so engrossed in the story, or throwing something across the room in frustration at a cliffhanger.

    It’s going to sound corny but Wormwood has really helped me out a crummy place. I’ve been in an art slump for a while and have been struggling to be inspired to work on anything, and from there just making my whole day a chore to get through. I’m an animator and naturally started doodling quick scribbles of characters and scenes while listening to the show and really haven’t been able to stop since. I’ve taken some cues from the Crowe and Sparrow comic as far as their designs (which I have two issues of now digitally and really enjoy!) but otherwise trying to design everyone else just from the voices and my imagination has been a challenge I really needed. I’m finally excited about sitting down to draw for the first time in what feels like ages.

    I’ve started posting some of the sketches on my tumblr and would love to hear anything back if you think I’m going way off design wise!
    I’m hoping this will also unearth any dormant Wormwood fans that may be on the site. I know you’re out there!

    I can’t wait to re-listen to the whole show again. That series finale left me so happy and sad and elated and just generally satisfied with how it all wrapped up. I’m a sucker for a “happy ending” and I think that was the closest we were going to get and I loved it.

    Thank you so much to all the writers and actors for creating such a great show!


    P.S. Arthur Russell’s dulcet tones still won’t stop narrating my day and making everything 10X more smarmy.

  35. Wormwood says:

    Amanda —

    Thank you SO much for the kind words! I took a look at your art (this is Dave, yes), and I think it’s amazing! I can see Jared’s comic book rendition as a base influence, but I think you’ve now given us a nice basis for our dream animation project. 🙂 I loved seeing the little sketches of scenes from the seasons of Wormwood. Great stuff!

    Again, I just want to thank you for posting her and sharing your appreciation. As we’ve said MANY times, Wormwood was a true labor of love, one felt by ALL involved, and to see it bring not just joy but also artistic inspiration to a listener means an incredible amount to us!

    — Dave

    (Side note: have you ever done or considered doing sequential comic book art? Hit me up, if so… there’s a non-Wormwood project that needs an artist…)

  36. Amanda says:

    I’m so glad you took a look! And believe me I would loveee to see that animation version come to life one day . And I have not done any sequential comic art professionally but I would love to talk it over with you!

    Also I have to ask, in the short’s anthology for Sparrow and Crowe, is “The Final Girl” , without giving anything away to anyone else, the “end” for the two?

  37. Wormwood says:

    I can’t speak for Jeremy on “The Final Girl,” but I think I would say… do you think it’s the end? Not to be coy, but Jeremy’s stories are often complicated and murky (in the best of ways), and I think the ambiguity here is intentional. What you take from it is important. 🙂 (I’ll also ping Jeremy that there’s a comment here about his story.)

    Yes, I really enjoyed the work, and I think your style, applied to sequential comic art, might fit the bill for a comics project I’m currently working on with another Wormwood writer. If you don’t mind, I’ll email you at your gmail addy and follow up with you! — Dave

  38. Jeremy Rogers says:

    Hey Amanda—

    Thank you for listening to our show and commenting on it so favorably, and of course, scribbling to it. I’m thrilled that people are still discovering WORMWOOD—and I have to say I love that artists have gravitated towards the work. We have an entire comic book series because Jared Souza discovered the show and chose to illustrate some scenes from season one!

    I like your sketches of characters quite a bit. It’s all very expressive, with a nice sense of movement and activity. Really good stuff.

    As for FINAL GIRL… I love playing with timelines and expectations of relationships, especially when I have such fully fleshed out characters like Sparrow and Crowe with which to do so. That’s all thanks to years of hard work from our writers. I’ve been able to develop some weird stuff, from the early days of setting the dynamic of their relationship, to their—REDACTED SEASON TWO SPOILER. But to answer your question—and (sorry) I’m gonna have to quote Kyle Reese from the first TERMINATOR to do so: “One Possible future. From your point of view, I don’t know…”

  39. Korina says:

    Hi guys. Just finished a binge listen of the series (third time through), and had to say thanks for all the fish! No, wait, wrong one. Thanks for all the creepy Norwegian tentacle monsters! I adored every minute of it, again, including the oddly squelchy-sounding gunshots; the writing and acting *really* hold up.

    One thing that has bugged me over the years, is the mysterious Arthur Russell. Aside from one “drunken” rant, we never hear from him. What gives? Is he someone else under a pseudonym? Has he broken off from the cast and is starring in his own underground “Call me DOCTOR Crowe” podcast for the preternaturally pestered? Did he succumb to the charms of the tentacle monster?

    My favorite character, from the beginning, has been the flock of Sparrow and Crowe, and I would LOVELOVE(pay for)LOVELOVE to hear/read/watch/dream of their adventures after Wormwood. I’m all about character growth, and *good gravy* those two went through some poop.

    Thanks for all the hard work all of you put into the show, and I’ll see about pimping it around my social circle.

    Your fan,


  40. Wormwood says:

    Hi Korina —

    Thanks so much for the kind words. Third time through? That makes us all kinds of happy!

    As for Arthur Russell — I guess at this point we can say that AR was a pseudonym. As for the very talented actor? Well, it’s not our place to reveal the name, but he’s been around, quite probably been on your television screen a time or two. We were very blessed to work with AR, and he truly brought Crowe to life in ways that none of could have predicted from our first scratches on paper, as we conjured up the good doctor.

    As far as the further adventures. Whoo. That’s a tough one. We kind of love where we ended them in Wormwood. We’ve got the Sparrow & Crowe comic book out there, which details their adventures BEFORE Wormwood. And we’ve got two kindle books, “WEIRD WINTER STORIES” and “WEIRD ROMANCE” that detail pre-Wormwood adventures of the pair, but — aside from ONE story Jeremy wrote for our Winter Stories — we’ve never really settled on stories for AFTER Wormwood.

    That doesn’t mean they won’t ever speak to us again. But I think any post-Wormwood stories would involve a special kind of alchemy — the right time, the right place, the right story unfolding for us.

  41. Korina says:

    I will admit, the two of them driving off into the sunset was a pretty great ending.

    Funny how “AR” looks so much like my image of Dr. Crowe (Google is wonderful), minus the scruff and the little potbelly. As much as I try to dislike Crowe, you wrote him too well and I may have a little crush on him; and at my age! o.O

    Thanks again Dave, and I’ll stop pestering you. 🙂

    Your fangirl,


    PS Yes, buying all the merch is on my list, as $$ allows.

  42. James M. says:


    I have listened to all your audio works and even purchased the comics available to scratch my wormwood itch, but now I’ve been going cold turkey. Does your group have anything else in the works as far as a story goes, or do you have any recommendations regarding a good episodic audio mystery?

    James M.

  43. Wormwood says:

    Hi James —

    As a group, sadly we do not. We do have two prose anthologies of Sparrow & Crowe stories for sale in the Kindle store.

    Aside from that, I (Dave speaking) have LOST ANGELS, a digital comic and print graphic novel that’s available from Comicker Press. You can find it on the web at, and there should be links for you to order the print graphic novel version (which we recently kickstarted).

  44. Cole says:

    Just discovered your show two weeks ago and fucking love it.I’m on the season two interrupted right now can’t wait to get back in to the story.fantastic job all around!!

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