Getting to Know…Rick Bata

We asked all of our writers some questions about their writing and their work on Wormwood. In our first interview, we talked to incoming writer Tiffiny Whitney. Now we turn our attention to our other incoming writer, Rick Bata. These interviews were conducted shortly after Rick joined the staff, so while he has a good deal of inside information, he hasn’t yet experienced the full force of the writer’s room. We’ll plan a follow-up interview soon.

Questions created by Rob Allspaw.

Q: How did you get involved with Wormwood?
A: A great friend of mine mentioned that I should contact a great friend of his. I did just that, submitted a writing sample, and was welcomed aboard. It sounds pretty simple but there was blood, sweat and tears involved.

Q: What attracted you to Wormwood?

A: You know…that’s a tough one. I defy anyone not to be attracted to a slugline stating, “He came for a dead woman who wasn’t there….and then it got weird.”

Q:Which character do you associate with most?

A: Right now it’s The Muddy Man. I’m creepy like that.

Q: Are there any characters you are struggling to understand?
A: I struggle to understand my own character. Does that count?

Q: What aspects of the project and/or Wormwood do you find the most compelling?

A: The story and the chosen medium. Both aspects kick major ass. The storyline is excellent. The chosen medium is brilliant. And there’s a Muddy Man involved. What more can one ask for?

Q: What do you think about the added content on the website?
A: I think it’s perfect. We are curious human beings. It serves that very need. We always want to know more, and more.

Q: Where do you see the project heading?
A: That is a great question. With the talented writing staff we currently have, who knows? I don’t do predictions well.

Q: Give us a hint, what’s one thing you can reveal?

A: One thing I can reveal is that I can’t reveal anything at this time. I like being part of the writing team. Nice try though. Ask [Wormwood producers] Dave or Jeremy!

Q: What are some of your influences?
A: I’m a huge Tarantino fan. He is the reason why I decided to pursue my dreams of making films and telling stories. I have the utmost respect for anyone willing to take a chance and do something different.

Q: Share a little about you past writing projects and education. Any awards or publications?

A: I am currently attending The Academy of Art University, San Francisco with a major in Screenwriting. I have written several shorts that I plan on directing when I get a spare minute or two. No awards as of yet. However, my only goal in life is to win “Best Original Screenplay”. Once I achieve that I will consider retirement, maybe.

Q: What made you want to write?

A: I really don’t know why. I think writing sort of found me. There’s nothing more challenging in life than staring at a blank screen.

Q: Is there anything you wanted to add to let the fan base know more about you?
A: Yeah, as a teen I once got my tongue stuck to an ice-cube. I recommend you try it at least once before you die.

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    Rick is the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Rick rocks! Wormwood is going to be a huge success~

  3. Daggs says:

    Looking forward to Wormwood! Rick Bata on the staff is going to make this top notch!!! I can’t wait to see his work as well as the others!!

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