Here’s what people are saying about Wormwood:

“Wormwood is a professional grade production. Accampo and Rogers head up an incredible writing staff, with varied backgrounds and talents, that come together to create a fantastic world and story… The cast is incredible – I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite – and all are given a chance to shine.”

—Floyd Salazar, Furious Fanboys

“WORMWOOD is a darkly delicious throwback to classic radio theater that’s as clever as it is creepy — about as much fun as you can have online without alerting some sort of watch group.”

—Andrew Cosby, Co-Creator of Eureka

“Wormwood is a tasty vacation spot … if you like eating human flesh, that is.”

Scott Sigler, author of Ancestor and Nocturnal

“…Wormwood is a serialized mystery that is in the same vein as Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff’s “Shadow Falls” and David Lynch’s ‘Twin Peaks.’ The main character Xander Crowe is a glorious mixture of Basil Fawlty and Aleister Crowley. The pacing is tight. The dialogue is sharp…”

Jack J. Ward, The Sonic Society

“[Wormwood is] a wonderful commitment to audio entertainment on the web. Xander Crowe is a great creation, and I hope many adventures lie ahead of him.”

Tad Stones, Hellboy Animated: Blood and Iron

“After listening to the first episode I call it AWESOME. How did this terrific sounding show manage to fly under nearly everyone’s collective radar for so long?… Its an interesting premise, but its the snappy dialogue and the confident storytelling that I like. Take one part Twin Peaks, add one part mystery, one part supernatural, then drench in Absinthe, shake the mix vigorously. Voila, Wormwood.”

Jesse Willis, SFF Audio

“I swear, this podcast makes me realize exactly why people loved radio drama once upon a time.”

Intrepid Rebels 2.0

“This is a real American Gothic, filled with spirits and occult occurrences…Crowe himself is a fantastic, utterly unsympathetic character.”

Taliesin Meets The Vampires

“Wormwood should be the next stop on the XML dial for audio mystery enthusiasts.”

Fred Greenhalgh, Radio Drama Revival

“[Wormwood has] left me hanging on the edge of my seat in anticipation of what will happen next. The cast is top notch as is the writing and audio quality. This is one of the best produced podcasts I have listened to and one of the most entertaining. I recommend Wormwood to anyone interested in the horror/occult/mystery genres of literature or old time radio.”

“The writing is good, with some great characters (especially Xander Crowe), and a good amount of comedy to lighten the rather dark sections (and some parts are very creepy!)”

Audio Drama Blog

“This is a very well executed production which is full of suspense, mystery, and thrills. While listening, I actually jumped in my chair! The characters are very relateable and the sound effects and music are gripping. This is always an enjoyable listen!”

April Smith, Lady from Day

“Dr Xander Crowe makes for a fantastic central character and the writing so far (I’ve only listened to the first episode) is spot on with some great dialogue and a pretty decent voice cast too. It has a slightly weird gothic feel to it and they are consciously aiming it at the Buffy, Hellboy, Twin Peaks, etc crowd so you can get an idea of where its heading.”

We Ate All the Pies

“The production values and story telling are excellent. The cast is first-rate in a medium where they must create so many visuals with just the intonations of their voices and sound effects. Listening to one episode in October while mowing the yard on a sunny day, I literally jumped with fright at a terrifying moment. When a radio show can create such vivid scenes, it’s worth listening to.”

Mystery of the Haunted Vampire

“[Wormwood is] definitely not old-time radio drama. The story is edgy and dark. Some if the content is less than tame. Still, if you like a creepy audio experience from time to time, Wormwood offers a good return on your listening investment.”

Dean Abbot, Inspired by a True Story

“Wormwood is a show filled with memorable characters, catchy theme music and truly exceptional voice acting. If you take bits of the X-Files, and pieces of Twin Peaks, then add a dash of the World of Darkness, you’d arrive at Wormwood. The first season consists of 24 episodes, with the second season set to begin sometime this May. Don’t let the number of episodes intimidate you, this is Radio Theater well worth hearing!”

Suburban Conspiracy

5 Responses to “Praise”

  1. Wormwood is an enjoyable Audio Drama, serving as a throwback to the stories of old. The writers continue to impress, mixing a theme of mystery, suspense, and fantasy. Just like any mystery story, it leaves you wondering what will be uncovered next. Listen along as you unravel the strange town of Wormwood.

  2. Mark Swift says:

    Almost finished Season one. Great Job. I want to have a drink with the Doctor!

  3. Quinn says:

    This podcast is well written and well acted. I find it very entertaining!

  4. Phil says:

    Season 1 was great. Season 2 started out great. But around episode 15 I started to dislike it. I quit at 19. Xander was alternately overly loud then barely audible. Other characters were the same. I guess it was the audio quality that soured it for me. Although the rapidly escalating excessive violence didn’t help. Sorry, I won’t even try Season 3.

  5. Wormwood says:

    Hi Phil —

    Sorry the audio quality and escalating violence didn’t work out for you, but we’re glad you gave us a shot and that you enjoyed the first season! We’ll take it. 🙂

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