This section is devoted to original fiction created for Wormwood that is not a part of our central mystery. Our Wormwood Tales depict select characters from Wormwood prior to our main story, or it delves into the strange history of the small town. Our Sparrow and Crowe Case Files series showcases the adventures of Sparrow and Crowe before (and perhaps after) Dr. Crowe’s time in Wormwood.

Click on the links below for the individual stories.

We hope you enjoy.

9 Responses to “Fiction”

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  2. arielle says:

    I love wormwood. I just discovered it and listened to all of them. I wish you had more!

  3. Wormwood says:

    More are coming, Arielle! Wormwood: Revelation is just a little more than a week away!

  4. Lydia says:

    This morning I learned of your Podcast from C:\Documents and Settings\f02241\Desktop\Other Audio Dramas.mht. I am happy to say that I am truly enjoying the story. The twist, mind blowing plots and the creepy little boy is very entertaining,Your podcast is helping me get through my long day at work. Good job!!

  5. Duncan says:

    I just learned about the podcast yesterday 2/7/15 and I extremely enjoy it; I like as I like a similar podcast “Welcome to Nightvale” but find it more unsettling and likable at times. I was wondering if Season Three was it for the show? I have not watched all the episodes as of now and as such I dont know if it was concluded by Season Three. If more are planned, and I hope they are; (maybe there past before Wormwood? I dont know..) I will be listening.

  6. Wormwood says:

    Hi Duncan — Season Three was indeed the end of Wormwood. However, after finishing the series, we did publish the comic book prequel, “Sparrow & Crowe: The Demoniac of Los Angeles,” which is currently only available as a digital series via ComiXology, though we do plan to publish the complete graphic novel sometime in 2015. We do have some further plans for some comic book components for Wormwood characters, but at this time we have no plans for further audio for Wormwood.

  7. Duncan says:

    Thank you for this, in that case I must finish listening to learn in the end of the story. 🙂 I discovered Wormwood when I searched up Necromancy on podcasts and found episode… 19 I believe of the First Season. (or 18 or 17). Ill have to see if any local comicbook shops carry the book.

  8. Nisha Maus says:

    Howdy. I found your podcast recently. After listening all day every day while working, I finally finished the entire series. I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you, all of you, for the wonderful entertainment you beautifully crafted here. It’s amazing how immersive you made an audio experience, it surpasses every audio drama I’ve listened to. Just amazing!

  9. Wormwood says:

    We’re so glad you found (and enjoyed) the show, Nisha! Thanks so much for taking the time to drop us a note. It means a lot to us!

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