Arthur Russell (Doctor Xander Crowe)

Arthur Russell

Arthur Russell?

Arthur Russell is a mystery, even to us. He appeared through a side door after auditions were over. He claimed that only he could play the part of Doctor Crowe, that the role had appeared to him during a vision quest in the aboriginal dream time.

He smelled like whiskey.

Although we offered the part to another actor, it was only Arthur who appeared on the first day of recording.

We haven’t heard from the other actor since.

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  1. […] two of the series’ best and brightest performers Rob Grindlinger (Sheriff Tom Bradley) and Arthur Russell (Dr. Xander Crowe).  And Dave did a top notch job editing the show.  For some commentary on our […]

  2. mark clark says:

    so i’m watching an episode of The Suite Life on Deck…(yes i watch Disney) and the guy playing the spy character sounds just like Xander Crowe. i’ve no idea what the episode is called.

  3. Katy J says:

    Um, if Xander reads that he will be beyond insulted and I am sure insulting you you. The lighting alone could not be dark enough for him. I’ll be listening for the voice (my daughter is 10) but Xander do not think for one second we are comparing you to anyone who could have ANYTHING to do with Disney!!!!

  4. SatyrMage says:

    Kinda sounds like a british actor. The voice is SO familiar, but I can’t place just who… erg….

    Though, with that voice and attitude (well, the attituce that Xander has, anyway), he’d make a great Doctor Who!

  5. danyael says:

    Dr. Xander Crowe is the most entertaining charecter in any of the varied and sundry audio dramas I listen to.

    Mostly due to the fact that I noticed many similarities to myself in his attitude, interests and demenor. Than I started to wonder if people found me as exasperating as the residents of wormwood find Crowe to be. Than I remembered that I don’t care.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.


  6. Susan K says:

    Love the character of Dr. Xander Crowe! Mr. Russell plays him extremely well. He (the Dr. Crowe character) is the main reason I have kept listening all these years! Thank you and I hope to hear more from you in the future.

  7. Dyon86 says:

    Crowe sounds soooo like Alexander Armstrong, the British comedian from the BBC show “The Armstrong and Miller Show”. Try them on youtube or they also have a podcast on iTunes if you want to hear how alike Crowe and Armstrong are.

  8. Merivel says:

    COME ON! for 3 years I’ve waited for you guys to put Arthur’s picture up and Nada! 🙁

    *Scowls at David Ocampo* 🙁

  9. Merivel — We sorted through all our photos, and every one that we tried to take of Arthur Russell turns out blurry or damaged. It’s the strangest thing…

  10. Ken says:

    I say he sounds a lot like Patrick Macnee.

  11. Lisa says:

    I’ve always thought he sounds like Gildart Jackson who was on Season 6 of Charmed.

  12. Grant says:

    My kids are watching Hannah Montana (God have mercy on me) and what do I hear, but Xander Crowe! Apparently, Dr. Crowe is producing Hannah Montana’s album. Who would have thought. The credits insist that it is actually Gildart Jackson, but I’m not buying it.

  13. Centaur says:

    Yes — I overheard that same voice while my daughter was watching Hannah Montana a couple days ago. It’s unmistakable, the recording studio producer IS Dr. Crowe. I had to come back here and check ….

  14. Merivel says:

    Ha ha! I read the comments about Xander Crowe being the voice of Gildart Jackson, so I went to youtube and …… Yes yes! that is the voice!

    Now if we can get David Accampo to confirm this….

    *Merivel turns and looks Accampo in the eye*

  15. Stumbled on this amazing drama while looking for CS Lewis podcasts. Whoever plays the Doctor, is awesome and hilarious and just has good taste. But if kids are listening in like it’s “The Shadow” from mum’s heyday, you best bet Xanandu probably personally knew Walt Disney and getting young ones into the plot is…well, LA Satanic, I’m sorry but there’s no other way to describe it.

    Whoever writes this is going to be huge, they just need a kick. They initiate the occult so well, God! And there’s sex, murder, all the things ppl want. But I listen, coming from deep philosophic heremeutical standpoint, is thst this should be printed in sone for asap and this could be the next Harry Potter.

    Been 16 EPs in. Hooked from the start like the fish. Every episode is great, don’t change a thing, if I can throw sone extra coin or promote your thinhmg at a University, I could set that up too possibly. Contact email provided.

    “The names alone are a feast…”
    CS Lewis, reviewing the first volume of “The Lord of the Rings.”
    best, please continue. This was amazing! cant to catch uo more! Especially since I have a special connection to LA and Newport Tower Masonry.
    Best luck,
    Brandon Young

  16. Anouk says:

    Hi, I just discovered this series through audiodrama directory. Since I am blind i have been interested in radiodrama since growing up. Mostly Dutch stuff, but also english stuff.
    I just listened to the spy who shoved me episode and I am pretty sure this is indeed the actor who plays doctor Xander Crowe (A marvelous performance by the way).
    Thanks for this great story,

  17. Dexter says:

    Xander sounds like Sylvester McCoy, Doctor #7 of the original BBC Doctor Who series. Not sure if that’s him or not, but the similarity is uncanny.

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