Dave Johnston (Deputy Drexal, Jonathan Kitter)

To prepare for the role of Wayne Drexal, Colorado born Johnston spent weeks learning the art of faulty law enforcement from the Boulder Police Department. While there, he picked up new skills such as figuring out how long it has been since coffee was brewed, which doughnut shops have the least stale batches at 2:00 in the morning, and how to accidentally spoil a crime scene.

To prepare for the roll of Jonathan Kitter, he downloaded a ringtone from “The Breakfast Club.”

Other interesting facts about Johnston:

    He can fly, but never does.

    He speaks Mandarin Chinese poorly; but the Chinese folks still love him for trying.

    He once passed out during a live performance of a play…from extreme blood loss.

      5 Responses to “Dave Johnston (Deputy Drexal, Jonathan Kitter)”

      1. Melissa Santistevan says:

        I know this guy!!!! Wonderful times in handful of performances….Even remember the passing out performance….Is that not when you broke your jaw….yeah those were the days. Cheers to you fine Dave 🙂

      2. DavieJ says:

        Hiya Mel! Thanks for hanging with me that night after the “jaw” incident. I must have been ghastly to look at with my swollen face and dried blood everywhere.
        Where you at that performance? I remember most of it, then the lights kept getting dimmer and dimmer and dimmer…

        Thanks for the shout out!

      3. Melissa Santistevan says:

        yeah that was the year you didn’t have to wear a halloween costume. te he he This wormwood series reads like a good thought out plan. Expressions like the ‘missing month’ and mythos keep me wanting more. The imagination builds. Cool

      4. Merivel says:

        Is this a bad time to mention we are out of coffee filters? :O

      5. Drew says:

        Haha! I love this character! Coffee is just about my favourite thing, so I find this character to be hilarious and quite similar to me in personality. 😛

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