Rob Grindlinger (Sheriff Bradley, Cedric Bloomington, Don Marino)

Rob grew up in New Jersey & New York, where he earned a BFA degree from Ithaca College. He was briefly seen in The Doors, Quiet Fire and as Keanu the hunchback in Love Slaves of the She Mummy. He played 21 different voices in the English version of ‘Secrets of the Sands’, a Brazilian soap opera that has played around the world. He has worked either behind the scenes or in front of an audience since he was 5, and has no intention of stopping anytime soon.

Rob would love to hear from all of you, and can be reached on MySpace at, via e-mail at [email protected], or if you want him for a video or film project, you can see his profile at

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  2. bimpy0185 says:

    i love the brazilian soap opera “the secret of the sand” and i was wondering where i could it on DVD. all episodes of it.

  3. Rob Grindlinger says:

    Unfortunately, actors very rarely see the finished product, but it was distributed by Globo Worldwide Ent. If they still exist, try them. Glad you liked it…Briony and I played over 35 different characters in the series, and if you listen carefully to Mon. Romanov in the Bishop’s Tale, you may recognize a certain old Brazilian fisherman. If you find any copies of it, we would love to see them. E-mail is [email protected]

  4. bimpy0185 says:

    thanks for replying, i will try the Globo website. if i find any copies, then i’ll get in touch.

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