Sonia Perozzi (Sparrow, Rachel Nolen)

Sonia Perozzi

Sonia Perozzi

Sonia hasn’t supplied us with a biography in the past three seasons, or else you’d be reading one. Get on it, Sonia!

In the meantime, let us just tell you that Sonia is a consummate professional, enthusiastic, and, above all, a good friend.

Now go read Sonia’s IMDb Profile.

6 Responses to “Sonia Perozzi (Sparrow, Rachel Nolen)”

  1. dean says:

    love your voice work. can we find you in any other audio dramas?

  2. Merivel says:

    *Merivel hugs Sparrow* 🙂

  3. SGT Michael Whitmer says:

    I’ve listened to the program several times and have introduced it to my buddies. It has provided hours of entertainment for my and the guys while deployed in Iraq. Thanks and keep up the great work. You’ve got a number of fans for Sparrow over here. Thanks again.

  4. Shadow says:

    Sparrow is the sexiest voice on wormwood, great job, you have her sarcastic lines done perfectly!!

  5. Susan K says:

    Love the way you play Sparrow. The witty banter with Xander is sublime! Thank you!

  6. Gary Furash says:

    Can we be facebook friends?

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