Zachary Foulkes (Brent Saunders, Charles Edison)

Zachary Foulkes

Zachary Foulkes

Zack Foulkes was born and raised in Worcester, MA. His career as an actor began on the summer after fourth grade as Aesop in a staged retelling of the classic fable “The Tortoise and the Hare.” He continued to act in the theater until he graduated early from Brandeis University with a BA in Theatre Arts. He then worked hard selling beers at a fantastic microbrewery in Waltham for what would have been his last semester and used that money to travel the countries of Spain, Morocco, Italy, Greece, and Ireland, returning proficient in Spanish and fluent in French.

After a long stint in Boston, where he shook off the Irish guilt of taking 4.5 months to travel, he packed his bags and went on a U.S. road trip with L.A. as his final destination. He is now working as an actor in the Ark Theatre Company, on an online sketch comedy website, and as a proud member of the Wormwood Cast.

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