Todd Hodges (Composer)

Todd Hodges spent most of his school age youth in Colorado Springs, Colorado, book ended with three years (ages 3-6) living in Jerusalem, Israel (where his parents were missionaries and students) and finishing high school in Fullerton, California. He attended his first round of college at UC Davis and finished with a double major in Music and Psychology. After a rewarding and difficult two years working with emotionally disturbed children in Sacramento, Todd decided it was time to change careers. He moved to the Bay Area and went back to school at Cogswell College in Sunnyvale studying music technology and software engineering.

Todd’s musical path began in the 4th grade, where he began taking violin lessons in the public school, grew to include singing and some piano, and had brief but unrequited affairs with some other instruments like guitar and viola da gamba. Having performed in several groups and choirs over the years, ranging from the UC Davis Symphony Orchestra and an electronic industrial goth band, Todd loves sitting in his project studio creating odd sounds.

Outside of music and software, Todd enjoys spending time with friends, all forms of sci-fi, eating great food, cooking, and mulling over what the color of his living room should be. Todd currently lives in Oakland, CA and spends his working days as a software engineer at Digidesign, a company making audio recording software and hardware.

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  1. D.A. Ramsdell says:

    I absolutely loved the music- you did a bloody wonderful job! The title track, played at the beginning and the end of the episodes was very catchy. It’s still stuck in my head- is there any chance of getting just that music anywhere? It’d make a very fun ringtone.

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