Wormwood Tales #4: Deidre Comes To Wormwood

Wormwood Tales are stories written by the Wormwood creative team, designed to tell stories before, after and around our central tale. These stories may contain clues to the mysteries of Wormwood. Or they may not. We’ll never tell.

We hope you enjoy.

Wormwood Tales: Deidre Comes To Wormwood
By David Accampo

What brought Deidre Frost to Wormwood was:


The Wormwood Diner was just off the freeway, North and East of San Francisco as the gradual rise into the mountains began.

She had enjoyed San Francisco, but it was not Boston. She had loved Boston. She had loved Boston, and she had loved Kyle Fitzgerald. But now Kyle was dead and Boston was the cemetery in which he was buried, or perhaps more accurately, which had buried him.

What brought Deidre Frost to Wormwood was: an exit sign, followed by a gas station sign, followed by a sign that read, “Wormwood Diner.” The sign had a hole in it, plastic shattered by a well-placed rock, undoubtedly thrown by an angry and hormonal teenager. It made the sign look like this:

Wor wood Diner

What brought Deidre Frost to Wormwood was: an empty stomach and the promise of chili. At least, that’s what the hand-written paper sign in the window had declared. “Special Down-Home Chili.” Deidre felt that she could use a little down-home cooking. Chicago had started to feel like a home until it hadn’t. It might have been Kyle, but she feared it wouldn’t have mattered. Deidre didn’t like to stick around for too long.

The cities, they buried her.

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