Growing Stranger Every Day: Wormwood’s New Faces

| May 29, 2008

With Season Two imminent, we thought we’d take a moment to take a look at some of the new talent that turns up in Wormwood this season. Nicole Rayburn, Rob Allen, and Ben Boodman have officially joined our already sizable cast. Is this possible the largest cast of any podcast out there? We’re not sure, […]

On the Dorkmeter…

| May 18, 2008

Just a brief announcement to mention that Matt Leong of the Double Dorkmeter Podcast mentions us on Episode 46 of his show. The Double Dorkmeter Podcast is a show about geeks and geek culture. And hey, that’s us, right? You can check it out here!

Wormwood News: New Forum, New Phone Line, New Comic book!

| May 2, 2008

In anticipation of next week’s special “Postmortem” show, I thought I’d give all our web visitors a little early news. First, if you look to your right, you’ll see a link to our new FORUMS. We really wanted to give our listeners a chance to interact and talk about the show, so…check it out! And […]

A Call for Listener Questions!

| April 9, 2008

We’re not sure how many of our listeners actually visit our site, but if you do — we’d like to hear from you! In anticipation of Season Two, we’d like to do a special show where we answer listener mail. So, if you’ve got questions about Season One or what’s coming in Season Two, please […]

Wormwood Season Two Announcement

| March 10, 2008

Hey everyone: We’ve been getting a lot of emails asking us about Season Two! First, we want to thank you all for listening! We had a great time putting together Season One, and we love hearing from all of you! Second, we are working hard on Season Two right now. The first 8 scripts have […]

The Sonic Society Features Wormwood!

| January 23, 2008

Our friends at the amazing podcast, The Sonic Society, are featuring Wormwood Episodes 1 & 2 their show. You can find the show here: In addition, they’ve also interviewed us in a follow-up show, which you can find here:! Wormwood would like to take this moment to give a hearty thanks to Jack […]

Wormwood Season Finale mentioned at

| January 22, 2008

We thought this was pretty nice: A mention of our Season Finale from the fine folks as SFF From the post: I’ve just finished listening to the season finale of Season 1 – “It has all built to this moment…” – and boy did it finish cool, very, very, VERY cool! I previously described […]

Wormwood Creators Interviewed on Radio Drama Revival

| January 22, 2008

We thought you might appreciate this if you haven’t heard this yet. Fred Greenhalgh, of the wonderful Radio Drama Revival, featured David Accampo, Jeremy Rogers, and actor Rob Grindlinger in a recent interview segment on his podcast. You can give it a listen here. We talk about the origins of Wormwood and offer up some […]

“Haunted Vampire” Interview

| November 16, 2007

Carnacki at the fine website, Mystery of the Haunted Vampire, contacted us recently for an interview about Wormwood. He’s published the interview, which you can see here. It contains a lot of behind-the-scenes insights into our creative process, and well as a tease or two about upcoming episodes. Check it out, won’t you?

Reviews of Wormwood

| November 14, 2007

Wormwood has been getting some very nice reviews around the web, so we thought we’d share them with you. You’ll notice in the tabs above that we’ve added a new section for “Praise.” Click on the tab and see what others are saying about Wormwood!