Standing on the precipice…

Tonight…at midnight…

Wormwood Episode One: The Coming Storm debuts!

This episode was written by David Accampo and Jeremy Rogers and features original music by Todd Hodges, with sound effects provided by Chris Sahakians.

The Cast of Episode One includes:

Arthur Russell as Xander Crowe
Sonia Perozzi as Sparrow and Rachel Nolen
Scott Olynek as Jacob Kitter
Joe J Thomas as Hank Mason
Koralee Nickarz as Emily Saunders and Deidre Frost
Andrew Ramirez as Dexter Nolen
Peter Dirksen as Jimmy Details

Additional voices in this episode include:

Peter Dirksen as ‘Gas Station Attendant’
Cheyenne Bsaises as ‘Prostitute’
Joe J. Thomas as ‘Mob Goon #1’
Rob Grindlinger as ‘Mob Goon #2’ and ‘Driver’

We’re very excited about our premiere! Stay Tuned!

And if you happen to be in San Diego on Wednesday night through Saturday, find David Accampo and Jeremy Rogers at the Comi-con International show and proudly proclaim, “I’ve come for the dead woman!”

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Wormwood: A Serialized Mystery is a full-cast audio mystery that brings the spirit of the radio drama into the 21st century world of podcasting, mp3 technology and RSS feeds. We tell stories to rival the best of television -- using only the theater of the mind.


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