Wormwood Episode 24: Tea and Sympathy (for the Devil)

We’re crossing our fingers and hoping it all paid off because it’s time for our Season One Finale!
Habit Forming Films proudly presents: Wormwood: Episode Twenty-Four: Tea and Sympathy (for the Devil)!

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Episode Twenty-Four: Tea and Sympathy (for the Devil)
Written by David Accampo and Jeremy Rogers
Produced and Recorded by Habit Forming Films, LLC
Edited by David Accampo
Original Music Composed by Todd Hodges
Sound Effects by Chris Sahakian, David Accampo and Jeremy Rogers

Arthur Russell as Doctor Xander Crowe
Joe J Thomas as Hank Mason, Phineas Thibert, Mr. Guildenstern, and the Announcer
Rob Grindlinger as Sheriff Tom Bradley
Dave Johnston as Deputy Wayne Drexal and Jonathan Kitter
Anna Maganini as Lynette Bradley and Peggy Nolen
Koralee Nickarz as Dahlia Kitter
Cheyenne Bsaies as Lemora Haskell

Staff Writers:
Jeremiah Allan, Rob Allspaw, Tiffiny Kaye Whitney and Rick Bata

Executive Producers:
David Accampo and Jeremy Rogers

Copyright 2008 Habit Forming Films, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

About The Author

Wormwood: A Serialized Mystery is a full-cast audio mystery that brings the spirit of the radio drama into the 21st century world of podcasting, mp3 technology and RSS feeds. We tell stories to rival the best of television -- using only the theater of the mind.


18 Responses to “Wormwood Episode 24: Tea and Sympathy (for the Devil)”

  1. Frank Carey says:

    Great finale! I await season 2 with bated breath!

    You people are…

  2. admin says:


    Thanks so much! We worked hard on this season, and it means a lot to hear that folks are enjoying what we’re doing!

    More info about Season Two is coming soon!

  3. Dave Martin says:

    Thanks so much for a great show! I stumbled onto this site from a link at BBC7 radio in their forum. This has been one of the best I have ever heard.

    Keep up the great work and I will be back for seasons two and hopefully three as well!

  4. admin says:


    Thanks so much for the kind words! We’re so glad word is spreading, and we’re thrilled that you enjoyed Season One!

  5. JillZimmerman says:

    The finale did not disappoint! I really love what you have done with Season One and eagerly await Season Two.

  6. admin says:


    Thank you! Wow, the pressure’s really on for us to get Season Two in production!

    We’re working on it! Stay tuned!

  7. David says:

    Great ending, but I wish you had let on whether Sparrow is alive or not, hope to see her in wormwood for season two (her interplay with Crow was always great)! Otherwise, great way to end things. Can’t wait for season two!

  8. Brad Bowman says:

    This was really THE highlight of the year in audio drama. I couldn’t imagine this show having been any better. Thanks to everyone involved and please please make a second season. (Also, give Sparrow a spinoff show).

  9. admin says:

    David and Brad,

    Thanks for listening, guys! You know, we wish we had a little more time with Sparrow in the end, but she’s a part of the master plan, so stay tuned…I think you’ll be happy with season two!

  10. Laura says:

    Wow! Amazing end to an amazing season!

  11. admin says:


    Thanks for listening AND being such a great supporter of our show! 🙂 I hope you’ll stick around for Season Two!

  12. Margaret says:

    So like when is the projected release of season 2?

  13. admin says:


    We’re aiming for April 2008. We’re writing the episodes now, and we’ve nailed down our plan for season 2. We hope to record in late March and debut in early April, but we don’t have firm dates yet.

  14. Many thanks, really enjoyed the series and looking forward to season 2.

    All the best

  15. Kat says:

    WOW! This was amazing! It made commuting to work so much more entertaining. Now that I have a longer commute I’m really missing the show. However, I have my fingers crossed that Season Two will be just as much fun! Fantastic work all of you!

  16. Ven says:

    Loved this so much! It just got rolling and never stopped being mysterious and fascination.

    I am anxious for more!

  17. Nobilis says:

    Oh, wow… you really, really got me with 24. There were some slow spots early on, but now I’m hooked.

    Thank you for a wonderful show.

  18. Linda says:

    Amazing and wonderful show! I enjoyed every single second! And now I am so glad that I don’t have to wait months for season 2! 🙂

    Thank you for all your hard work!

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