In Memoriam: Robert Grindinger

Hi Folks —

We have to share some very sad news from the Wormwood family. Shortly before the holidays, Robert Grindlinger, the voice of Sheriff Bradley, Don Marino, and soooo many others, passed away.

What can we say about Rob? We feel very privileged to have known and worked with him. He was one of our first cast actors, as he nailed the world-weary voice of our favorite town sheriff. But he amazed us by rising to every challenge, eagerly taking on a multitude of voices.

We assumed for example, that we’d just find dog sound effects for our bloodhound, Lil’ Abner. Without missing a beat, Rob confidently told us that effects were unnecessary; he could handle the dog’s voice (even has he was voicing the dog’s owner, Cedric Bloomington). And he proceeded to give Lil’ Abner as much character as any of the voices on the show.

He also rose to the occasion to match Joe J. Thomas’ various voices, and the two became an amazing team. If Joe gave us a Peter Lorre voice? Rob would match it with a Sydney Greenstreet. Did we need two NPR radio voices discussing werewolves? Joe and Rob would improvise a mini-sketch that had the entire cast rolling with laughter.

But even beyond Rob’s talent was his generosity of spirit. He was so enthusiastic, not just about his own contribution, but about the entire cast — and the entire project. I honestly felt like Rob was our biggest fan, our most vocal cheerleader. He placed his full trust in our little project, and he was always the first to rush in, ready to help without hesitation.

I dearly wish I had a photo of this, but I’ll leave you with this image:

It is our second recording session, at a house in the San Fernando Valley. The actors are all arriving, studying their scripts. Wormwood has launched at this point, there’s a website, an iTunes feed, and even a storefront.

And into the house walks Rob, dressed head to toe in Wormwood merchandise — nearly every piece we put on our site. He’s wearing a Wormwood ball cap, a Wormwood T-shirt. He’s carrying a Wormwood tote bag. And he’s got Wormwood stickers. And he was PROUD to wear it all, such was his faith in our project.

I’d like to believe that today, somewhere up there, Rob is readying an improv group of angels, even as he regales them with with tales of his acting days down here upon this mortal coil.

— Dave Accampo

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4 Responses to “In Memoriam: Robert Grindinger”

  1. Diana says:

    Sounds like an amazing man who will be missed by many. R.I.P. Rob!

  2. Iris says:

    Very sorry to hear 🙁 He did such a great job. He will be missed and enjoyed his work.

  3. Wayne says:

    My sincerest condolences on his passing. Rest assured, he is in a better place probably showing the angels a few tricks with his voice.

    Not to sound selfish in saying that he will be missed purely because of his voice or his recordings, but I am equally sure that he will be most most of all for his personality and character that only he could bring.

    Thank you very much for sharing his voice and stories with the world, not to mention all the hard work your team has done in creating the Wormwood series, putting it together and releasing it to the world.

    It is really very very, very much appreciated,

    Warmest regards from a South African residing in China,

  4. My condolences. I ain’t too much of a poet, but I respin a line I heard, as otherwise this comment would be the shortest: “You valiantly charged forth, when Grim Reaper made us flee. If we ever meet again, it will be on holy grounds and God’s decree.” amen

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