The Future of Wormwood

A long overdue blog post, folks…

We’re not sure how many folks actually visit the website, and what we really need to do is record some audio to put through the feed, but in an effort to keep this site up-to-date, we wanted to share with you a few Wormwood updates.

While the main Wormwood series is over, there is stillĀ  a lot to look forward to.

Apocryphelia: Seven Thrilling Tales of the Hand of GloryWe are currently at work on two new short stories featuring Xander Crowe and the Hand of Glory. We’re going to package these stories WITH the original “Five Fingers of Glory” stories, in a new collection we’re calling, APOCRYPHELIA. This will be available as an eBook and also as a print collection, so while some of the stories previously existed online, this is your chance to get an actual print collection. and two Crowe stories that will ONLY be seen in that book. We’ll announce more when we get a bit further.

Also in the works is RED RIGHT HAND, the Xander Crowe prequel novel by David Accampo. This has been in the works for a long time n0w, but it’s still moving forward.Red Right Hand

In addition, we’re currently working with artist Jared Souza on an original comic book miniseries entitled SPARROW & CROWE: THE DEMONIAC OF LOS ANGELES. Wormwood fans should enjoy this tale, as it is a direct prequel to our series, covering the oft-mentioned tale of Amanda Marino’s exorcism — the very event that sent Crowe scurrying from Los Angeles.

Sparrow & Crowe - Comic book Page 1And last but not least, we do still have plans for more audio. Wormwood staff writer Rob Allspaw is developing a new spin-off event, which is likely to be a 10-12 part thriller featuring some of the characters and concepts introduced in Wormwood. It’s still a bit early to say anything more about this, but it is something we’re looking forward to.

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We’ve also recently updated our mother-site, Habit Forming Films, and there is additional information there about some of our upcoming projects.


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